Vance Fundora, A Successful Entrepreneur Who Has Footsteps On Almost All Paths Of Business

Vance Fundora is an American bestselling author, social media marketing specialist, lifestyle influencer, podcast host of ‘Real Talk with Vance Fundora’ and founder of The Fundora Group who was born on June 30, 1997, in Fort Worth, Texas, United States and also raised in there.


His book name is ‘Keeping Up: A Guide to Building & Growing an Online Presence’. His agency offers full-service marketing & e-commerce solutions adaptable to any brand or individual in the world.


He travels the world collaborating with highly successful though leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and athletes.


He is a celebrity entrepreneur. He launched his own digital marketing agency at the age of 18, and has since ventured into e-commerce, real estate and philanthropy. With his brand, he aims to provide support to those working to achieve new levels of personal and business development.


In December 2018 Vance graduated from Texas Tech University with Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. His first experience in the world of business came from multiple micro-business ventures before the age of 16. Vance started his own digital marketing agency his sophomore year at Texas Tech University. He’s an advocate for education with an extensive professional background in management consulting, in-depth process analyses, investing and digital marketing.


He has helped over 200 brands across a variety of industries increase brand awareness, exposure and traffic through tailored digital marketing strategies in areas such as Paid Advertisement, Brand Development, Influencer Marketing and Content Creation.

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