Bravenn Dehill, A Great American Artist Signs To an Imprint Of ProducerLife Record Deal

Bravenn Dehill, an American musician, singer and song writer who was born on February 19, 1999 in Lorain, Ohio, USA and brought up in Sheffield, Ohio by his family members and parents. He is of Irish, German, Peruvian and Puerto Rican descent. Bravenn got his graduation degree from Brookside High School in 2017. He has struggled a lot with depression and anxiety most of his adult life. He wants to use his music to show others that if he can overcome his issues, then anyone can. He is best known for his introspective lyrics, songwriting and variegated vocals.


He is signed to Tito Tahan‘s record label ProducerLife ™️ an imprint of ProducerLife Records. ProducerLife ™️ is a music software, sound technology, music library and label services company founded by multi-platinum music producer Tito Tahan in 2015. It offers production, a music library, label services and a full fledged state of the art recording studio with live remote online recording, mixing and production capabilities.


Bravenn has gained acclaim for blending multiple genres and sub-genres of hip hop, pop, R&B, dance and trap. He started his journey from an young age. His first major breakthrough came on January 7, 2021, when Tito actively signed him. He began working on his debut premiere EP in February 2021. The EP includes music production from multi-platinum music producer Tito Tahan amongst others. It is also executive produced by Tito Tahan.

Dehill contributes his style to a range of influences across multiple genres, including Drake, Lil Wayne, Post Malone, MGK, Jack Harlow and Johnny Cash, and others.

Featured in

He has been featured in Apple, Yahoo!, Google, FOX, CBS, NBC and multiple top tier publications.
Bravenn Dehill described his life experiences as an influencer, and aims to make his songs relevant to anyone who is experiencing difficulties in life, currently struggling with or overcoming them.

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