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Breaking Barriers, Inspiring Minds: The Unforgettable Odyssey of Sandy Botros

In a world where being strong and never giving up brings success, Sandy Botros is someone special. She’s all about doing well in school, leading in her community, and fighting for women’s rights in education. Let’s take a look at Sandy’s journey from Egypt to the United States.

A Journey of Determination: From Egypt to the USA

Sandy started her big adventure from Egypt to the USA with her family in 2012. They were looking for better chances to learn. Even when she was young, Sandy knew education could change lives. She was super determined to make the most of every chance she got.

A Scholar’s Route: Doing Great in School and Getting Awards

Sandy did some amazing things in school. In her first year in the USA, she got the “Student of the Year” award from her middle school. She also got the “Presidential Gold Award” from Barack Obama for being so good at school. Then, in high school, she became the top student in her class in 2018. This set her up to be the first in her family to go to college.

Education as a Lifelong Pursuit: Going to Two Universities

Sandy really loves learning. She’s working hard to become a medical doctor and also getting a degree in public health. She already got a master’s degree in healthcare administration. Right now, Sandy has two college degrees and two master’s degrees. And she’s still working hard to become a medical doctor.

A Multi-Faceted Educator: Helping Others Do Well in School

Sandy doesn’t just focus on her own studies. She helps others too. She teaches English and writing to students at Rutgers University. She also helps run the writing centers there. Sandy even teaches classes on chemistry and helps first-year students at college. She’s like a coach, helping students reach their goals.

Empowering Women Through Research and Advocacy

Sandy cares a lot about women’s education. She does research to understand how things like COVID-19 and online learning affect college students. She’s part of important groups that study these things. Sandy also started a group called WomenCanLead. It’s all about inspiring and helping young women, especially those who face challenges, to get a good education.

A Trailblazer in Leadership: Getting Recognized and Joining Beauty Pageants

In 2021, Sandy started WomenCanLead. This group helps girls learn about different jobs, especially in science and research. Sandy has won a lot of awards, including one from Barack Obama. She’s also in beauty pageants, where she talks about the importance of girls getting a good education. As Miss Liberty and Prosperity USA 2023, Sandy shows that education can help girls achieve great things.


Sandy Botros is a leader and a great example. She shows that if you work hard and keep learning, you can make a big difference. Her journey from Egypt to the USA is a story of determination, and she’s making sure more people get the chance to learn and succeed.


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