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Cruz Supat, A Rap Artist From America Whose Rap Style Is Mostly An Outlet To Vent The Frustrations From His Harsh Life And Childhood


Cruz Supat (Born November 12th) is a Gothic Hip Hop/Rap recording artist based in New York from Kingston Jamaica who is best known for his work with Impressive Music Entertainment (I.M.E.). He grew up in the “Southside” ghettos of Kingston, where he was surrounded by poverty and gang life. His rap style is mostly an outlet to vent the frustrations from his harsh life and childhood.


He is well known for his discrography Broken Dreams LP (2022), Skewed Loyalty EP (2022), Innovation EP (2010), Moving tha Knight Mixtape (2016), Blood Sins and Tears (2017) and single Innovation EP which was re-released and made available for all streaming platforms in February 2019 .


Cruz Supat was raised by his mother along with his two sisters. Information on his biological father is still unknown. His exposure to music started at home and grew into a passion as he attended community street parties known as dancehall. His connection to music sparked one evening when he was only nine years old, when he used one of his few dollars to play “Black Woman & Child” by Sizzla on an old local jukebox.


Cruz Supat‘s associated acts would be : Kush, Jashe Christie, Tehsaurus of (Harsh Reality), Landlord (Slowbucks), Ed Mac (Slowbucks), John Depp (Skull Gang), Jason (J-won) Ime Smalling, Izz Beatz, Stazthehokage and many more. He has also worked with a number of different producers such as Sadiq (Sadface) Ime Rhoden, WengDiDj, Rick Hertz, Jason (J-won) Ime Smalling, Duane Ime Edwards and many more. Cruz Supat gained popularity as an underground artist after the combination of talents merged between the upcoming artist (Cruz Supat) and producer Sadiq Rhoden better known as Sadface. Cruz Supat is very dedicated when it comes to mastering his craft, and show’s improvement in every project.


Cruz Supat grew up in an underprivileged family, but due to his hard work, effort and positive thinking, he has become a successful person known all over the world as a musician.

Cruz Supat can be found on most social media outlets such as youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram etc… with the username “cruzeebaby” or the name “Cruz Supat”

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