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Toriqul Islam Tusher, The Youngster From Bangladesh Who Has Made A Big Name In The Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh Digital Marketing World

Toriqul Islam Tusher a Bangladeshi Internet entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Influencer & internet personality who is Mostly known as a Digital marketer rather than Musician. He was born in April 26, 1996 in Rangpur and also raised there. He has been a fan of the Internet since childhood. After completing his primary education, he took writing and instructional courses and received Computer training in this field. He made himself one of the best Bangladeshi Internet entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Influencer & internet personality.


Tusher started his journey at a very young age. According to Toriqul Islam Tusher, “There is no secret to success and development because I believe that only one person can grow through hard work. When people see me living in luxury, they assume I have it easy, but the truth is that I work hard during the day. I mean to study hard and establish a network when most people retain their status and comfort.”

SEO Expert

Youngest SEO Expert Toriqul Islam Tusher A SEO Expert Guy Managed Owner’s Website all SEO Part On-Page, Off-Page & Technical and optimized all pages for search engines and users to rank websites on google on the first page.
Website management and optimization are not easy because it takes a lot of resources for powerful content that’s make your pages informative for this job an SEO expert guy does a lot of things like research, find out competitors make a plan and strategy also create a site architecture and fixing site performance.

The main goal of all SEO Experts is how to rank their client websites and get organic quality and quantity traffic from search engines.
ON-Page SEO is most important for Google Ranking. Because if your On-Page SEO is not good then google and other search engine do not understand what’s information carries on your website.
If They do not understand your website content and structure then it’s hard to rank google SERP ( Search Engine Result page)
So you Must do Proper On-Page SEO Service for your E-Commerce website, Business Website, Service Website, or any kind of website.
Toriqul Provides you with the best quality On-Page Optimized SEO service.
Which can boost your Google ranking and get organic visitors through the search engines.

Other works

Tusher is also the Founder and CEO of ‘Learn Freelancing with Tusher’. He is a famous Bangladeshi entrepreneur who has made a big name as the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh Digital marketing world. Toriqul Islam is also a trainer in Bangladesh LEDP ( Learning And Earning Development Project ) Also trained 500+ students. At present, he is working on Local SEO, Affiliate, and Local Digital Marketing services. Recently He launched Freelancing Academi, Where you will learn the basic to advanced level marketing like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Facebook Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Twitter Marketing and more.

This talented artist always wanted to do something unique since he was a youth. With his passion and unique style, Toriqul Islam Tusher, finally achieved the success of being the big name in The Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh Digital Marketing World.

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