June Jonez, A Successful Music Artist from America Who Has The Experience To Cultivate Who’s Next Up In The Music Industry

June Jonez is an young successful American entrepreneur, music executive and manager who was born on February 19, 1986 in New York and also brought up there by his family members.


He is one of the top Business influencer in United States with 39912 audience and 5.07% engagement rate on Instagram. When it comes to putting out hit music, artists are usually on the forefront utilizing their talent to keep their toes tapping; but without the help of managers like June Jonez a lot of artists may have gone unnoticed. He has proven that he has the experience and power to cultivate who’s next up in the music industry by managing the talents of London On Da Track, Derez De’Shon, and G Baby.


In regards to what he has on the agenda for his artists in 2020, he states that he’s focused on breaking more underground artists. Jonez launched a new record label along with releasing New Artist like GBaby & Quantrelle through the label and a roster of new artists in 2020. He confessed about his career that it was his love for music and wanting to change lives that helped him cultivate his label. By utilizing his experience in the game, Jonez and his label, Executive Decisions, have raised the bar. He is an NYC/NJ native who serves as a veteran in the music industry and has applied his knowledge and wisdom to manage artists like Slim Dunkin, Derez De’Shon and producer London on Da Track.


At present, June Jonez made himself a highly respected figure in the music industry by his skill and talents.
And now, it can be said that Jonez is no stranger to the rapid changes in the music industry, he is apt and ready for what’s next!

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