GucckiiDaGreat, An Emerging Fashion Icon From New York Who Made Her Name Significant And Meaningful By Her Work

GucckiiDaGreat is an emerging fashion icon from America who is also famous as a gentlewoman of countless flairs and styles was born on September 4, 1993 in Brooklyn, New York City and also raised in there with her single mother and her grandmother named Gucckii.


Her real name is not GucckiiDaGreat but she’s professionally known as this name GucckiiDaGreat. From an young age, she always liked to be stylish and loved to wear chic outfits. Beside that, she was passionate about fashion, dance, and basketball since her childhood.


She has been featured in fox, NBC and CBS sub-news articles and her designed sweat suits have been seen on rappers Justo Dyygz and Phresher. She is an iconic fashion designer and fashion design activist who began her journey from her early age. She is the owner of her own clothing company named Living Life Apparel LLC and a non-profit Self Paid Bosses Entertainment Inc. which was started from the end of the year 2016. Before that, from the year 2013 to 2016, she had carried out a large number of jobs in construction and security, some of the jobs of the book. Presently she is working on her next fashion collection for her clothing business. And also, she’s gearing up for her next amazing event for young people.

In early 2020, her designer clothes were also on display in a Harlem store. And in 2021, his designs were put in a store in the Livingston Mall.

Charity work

Beside all of that, GucckiiDaGreat is really a great person who does charity for the helpless people and children. She saves 15% of her sales profit each month to fund her non-profit organization for kids and to promote events for kids. Her team also started a food and clothing drive for the homeless and needy when the pandemic hit New York and New Jersey.

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