Glenn Lundy is a great speaker, author, leadership trainer and CEO from America

Glenn Lundy is a great speaker, author, leadership trainer and CEO from America. He is the host of the wildly popular Facebook Live show #RiseAndGrind and top Clubhouse group Breakfast with Champions. In this podcast, he speaks with leaders and mentors and unpacks their story to help pass those lessons onto others through both experiences and tactical strategy for business professionals, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.


Glenn Lundy is the only person in the world that grew a dealership 800% in 5 years, from 120 cars a month to a 1,000, in a small town of only 9,600 people. This famous personality was born on December 20th, 1977 in Fort Hood, TX and also brought up there. Glenn completed his graduation from Northern Arizona University. He has the unique ability to help identify the areas for growth in store, and teach creative ways to invoke one’s dealerships spirit. has been spotlighted on ABC, NBC, and CBS, and is an expert in dealership culture development, and leadership training.


He has made him one of the most coveted experts in the business for his unique style. He started his rise to success in the auto sales industry by turning a small used car dealership based in Lexington, Kentucky into the second-largest business of its kind in the US. He leads a dealership from 120 cars a month, to an 800% increase in sales in five years, becoming the 2nd largest used car franchise in the country with 20 years experience in the automotive industry. With a background in sales, and finance, Glenn uses his skill sets to create growth, as well as tapping into the mental side of human development.


He is also known for his work on The Law of Attraction (2021) and Success Story (2019).
Glenn’s a source of inspiration, and has developed dynamic, actionable ideas with proven success, and has a growing presence online.
Glenn also does maintain The Morning High Five (MH5) show, which is a list of five tasks your children need to accomplish before a certain time in the morning.

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