Joshua Fidrmuc, An Australian Based Entrepreneur and Founder Made Unique Identification of Himself by Founding a Service Making Pet Care Easier

Joshua Fidrmuc is a well known Australian entrepreneur and philanthropist who was born on February 20, 1996 in Manchester, England and also brought up there. He is the founder and CEO of an Organization named ‘Dial A Vet ’. He is best known for building this 24/7 Veterinary app Dial A Vet. Dial A Vet is an Australian veterinary service which was launched to provide instant access to veterinarian professionals at highly approachable prices, offering pet owners an actionable, affordable solution for their pets’ needs.


Joshua came from a middle-class family. In his early life, he grew up with his twin sister. His family moved from England to Australia to seek a better life for the future.


Joshua Fidrmuc is an Australian-based founder and entrepreneur who loves building tech-based solutions to real-life problems. At this time in his life, he is the CEO and Founder of the veterinary-tech startup Dial A Vet. Dial A Vet is an Australian Veterinary Service led by Joshua Fidrmuc. This 26-year old entrepreneur founded this start-up to provide pet owners with quicker, easier, and more affordable veterinarian services. He began his journey from his student life. In the beginning of his career, Joshua launched a successful eCommerce jewelry brand at his young age. This brand operated for over a year and was worn by influential people at the time. Being a successful Entrepreneur wasn’t an easy journey for him. He had to work hard for this position. In his career, at present, Joshua made himself as an idol to the youngsters.


Joshua and his brand have been featured on Australian National News and the largest breakfast show, Sunrise. According to research conducted by the Australian Veterinary Association, pet owners spend over $25,000 on average throughout their pet’s life.
He donates yearly to animal shelter companies to help dogs and cats in need.

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