Ightkhi, A Great Musician From USA Who’s End Goal Is To Eventually Be An Actor And Start A Label

Ightkhi, one amongst the foremost young prolific artists operating these days, with a motivating sense of vision that permits him to know the music business within the same manner that a superb purpose guard sees a basketball floor. This vernal artist’s commanding flows and crystal-clear lyrical ability show a maturity rarely seen in budding artists. Sensible punchlines and sharp entice rhythms accompany this degree of maturity, that represents associate degree creator that’s flourishing in his own subversive soundscape.

Understand It

He’s proverbial for his controlled and assured delivery, the young prodigy signed to Punchmade Records is fleetly changing into one amongst the region’s most promising musicians. He’s already inflicting ripples within the music world. “Understand It” is that the rapper’s next fiery anthem, and he hopes it’ll light the flames that have enclosed his 1st series of songs.


This youngster was born on 2 June, 1999 in Columbus and grew up in Cincinnati. He has also lived in North Carolina, and arizona. Then he moved to Lexington to finish high school.

Worldwide popularity

He is best known for his song Triple S and his songs has earned worldwide popularity. Ightkhi released his debut single titled “Triple S” in 2022 and gained fame. He started rapping the beginning of 2021. The main focus of this great musician is crypto and music. His end goal is to eventually be an actor and start a label.

When it comes to young and prolific artists, Ightkhi is one of the best in the field. He has a wonderful ability to perceive things that others can’t, like a great basketball point guard. He is always planning his next move and thinking 10 steps in ahead of what he will do next.

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