Rocky Chowdury, A Successful Entrepreneur Who Works Hard To Build An Unemployment Free Society

Rocky Chowdury is a successful Bangladeshi entrepreneur and musician who was born in 01 March 1977 in Noakhali, Bangladesh and also brought up there by his parents.

Orko Multimedia Ltd

He is the Founder of Orko Multimedia Ltd. Beside being a hardworking entrepreneur and digital marketer, he is also an entertainment lover and writer. He has produced several dramas, music videos by his production company Orc Multimedia.

Digital marketing

He has written several songs till now. From his student life he had an interest in writing and digital marketing. He is one of best investor in media sector in Bangladesh. By his work he achieved huge success.


He began his career from 2017. In 2019, he created an organization called “ORKO MULTIMEDIA”. Later he transformed the company into a digital marketing agency, IT-enabled service and online e-commerce business.


His e-commerce site name is Quickrbd where people can get any kinds of thing of their daily life. It is The Best online E-commerce Platform in Bangladesh.
Orko Multimedia Ltd. is a leading entertainment channel in Bangladesh. This company has lots of Subsidiary Company like Orko music station, RC Entertainment, RT Entertainment, SO Entertainment.


Rocky became well known in Bangladesh after made this channel.
He is also a social media influencer. He has huge fan following in social media.
He started working with a Facebook fan page called ‘Rocky Chowdury’. Initially, he worked to solve Facebook’s security problems and create cyber security.
In 2021, his company named ‘ORKO MULTIMEDIA’ has been registered as ‘ORKO MULTIMEDIA LIMITED’ from RJSC. He has a YouTube channel called ‘Rocky Chowdury’.
By His hard work, patience, luck and believes, he achieved his success.
He continues his hardwork to build an unemployment free society.

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