Rey Rey Rodriguez, A Famous American Photographer Who Captures Scenes With His Own Eyes

Rey Rey Rodriguez is a famous American photographer, visual artist, and entrepreneur who is best known worldwide for his celebrity, street, dark, and combat sports photography was born on 13 March 1978 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico and also brought up their by his family members and parents.


He is one of the best underground photographers in the world and a master of shot composition, color correction and attention to detail, combined with an artistic touch of darkness and madness, he makes his work stand out amongst the best. He shares the honor of being recognized amongst some of the greatest underground Visual Artists of his time.


This talented artist started his career from 2012 and till now successfully captures the essence of pain, violence, and lust in his collections of dark, erotic, and horror photography which is visible in his prominent works like When the Devil Calls, Blissful Torment, I Remember, Taking a Trip and The Evil Within. From his childhood, Rey Rey was a hyper kid who was obsessed with photography, films, poetry, martial arts, boxing, and martial arts.


Since his young days, he has been featured for his work in a number of media outlets including HuffPost, The MMA corner, The Hype Magazine, Vogue Magazine, This is 50, and others. He founded the multimedia brand, “The Mind Of Rey Rey,” a brand specializing in Photography, Film, Visual Art, Marketing, and Web Designs in 2014. This brand provide services include web design, search engine optimization (SEO), web maintenance, social media marketing, ads, press releases, article features, Wikipedia & Google Knowledge panel creation, photography, video, graphic design, influencer posts and more to their customers.
Beside being a great photographer, Rodriguez is also an artist and poet. His poems are visualized as literary imagery and his images are considered as visual poetry.

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