Helal Uddin Ahmmad, A Devoted Politician Who Has Gained Much Popularity And Well-Wishers Through Social Media For His Hardwork And Passion

Helal Uddin, best known as Helal Uddin Ahmmad is an young Bangladeshi Student leader who is a dedicated activist of Bangladesh Nationalist Student party (JCD-Jatyotabadi chattro Dal) was born on 15 May 1995 in a Muslim family in Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh and also raised in there. He has graduated from Teknaf Government College under Bangladesh National University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts (degree). He is currently studying for a Masters Degree (MA) at Cox’s Bazar City University College.

Early career

He is the leader of Teknaf Upazila and Cox’s Bazar District Chhatra Dal with organizational responsibilities and proper leadership. He is also constantly creating new followers through his multi-faceted organizational talents. He is the ex – president of Teknaf Government college & Senior joint Convenor of Bangladesh Nationalist Student party (JCD) Teknaf Upozila Unit. This passionate politician began his political career as a primary member of the (JCD) Teknaf Upazila, Cox’s Bazar Districts from 2008 at an young age. Since then, he has devoted himself around 13 years of his short life in the political phase (under Bangladesh Jatyotabadi chattro Dal – JCD) for the betterment of the students. His thoughts on political organization, social, family and state were always different from others. He always tries to satisfy the well-wishers through motivational speeches, video making and creative work. He never hesitated in the political arena. At a very young age, he became known as a petty politician all over Bangladesh, including the Cox’s Bazar District Chhatra Dal.


Ahmad feels himslef fortunate for having a honourable post of Bangladesh Jatyotabadi chattro Dal(JCD) Cox’s Bazar district unit and manage several responsibilities at different times. He played an important role in various organizational functions, processions and meetings at different places. With his devotion and passion, he has gained many followers and well-wishers through social media across the country.
His classmates, family, relatives, followers, well-wishers always give him encouragement, encouragement to give encouragement, encouragement to give the best in life to his followers!

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