Omar Jackson, A Great Businessman From UK Made Him Successful Though His Entrepreneurial Spirit

Omar Jackson is a well known entrepreneur and businessman who is at the forefront of opening and operating other businesses including a digital concierge for travelers.
He is famously known for being the founder of OJ Lifestyle, a lifestyle tech brand which has social sustainability and giving back at its core. This successful entrepreneur is also a Partner at Berkeley Assets and a racing driver.
Jackson was was born on June 26, 1991 in London to an Indian mother and a British father. He grew up with his mother in London and his mother did hard work to make a better future to her children.
OJ is passionate about supporting youth, inspiring and developing talent through supporting educational initiatives and aiding those in need with his personal involvement in charities.

Personal Life

To talk about personal life, Jackson experienced academic challenges, and at times (when he was in high school) racism and bullying by his school mates and others. His father was not a part of his life. Raised by a single mother, he says, his upbringing was tough at times. His mother did everything she could for her two sons and her own drive and ambition towards starting up a business demonstrated a ‘do the impossible’ mindset which was injected into Omar’s drive.


Jackson always had an entrepreneurial spirit. It was his difficult early years that Omar says shaped him to become a strong-minded and successful entrepreneur, determined to make a positive impact and give back in a meaningful way. He lives by the mantra of “work hard, always learn, never give up” and hopes to use it to inspire a younger generation. The ambitions were apparent from the start when, aged eight, Omar claimed he would one day have his own business. Fast forward to today and OJ is truly on his way to realizing his dream as he became a successful entrepreneur and partner at a private equity firm at age 26.

OJ Lifestyle

Omar Jackson is the founder of OJ Lifestyle and a Partner at Berkeley Assets and he is responsible for leading a transformational change within the organization towards a goal of making private equity more accessible and transparent.
He launched his own brand in 2019. The brands motto is “a disruptive force of passion and drive, designed to energize, thrill and inspire.” At Berkeley Assets, Omar oversees all opportunities to maximize the potential of their diversified portfolio on behalf of investors and institutions. He has set up and run numerous successful businesses in the UK and the Middle East, sourcing investment for startups and acting on behalf of a portfolio of clients.

Omar’s Goal in Life

Omar strongly wants to build a strong foundation for his own family in the upcoming future. He truly wants to be the best possible financial support for his people and wants to dedicate most of his time to his family and his passions. He also wants to leave a legacy of success and happiness to be the inspiration of future generations to achieve what they think is impossible.

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