Sakib Rafsan, A Great Entrepreneur From Bangladesh Made Him Successful By His Will Power And Hard Work

Sakib Rafsan is a famous Bangladeshi entrepreneur, social media celebrity and influencer who was born on 23 September 2006 in Naril, Bangladesh also raised in there. He is a founder and CEO of ‘Sakib Rafsan Records’. He started his journey and built his company in 2018. Sakib Rafsan always tries to stay positive and also spread positivity among the younger society in Bangladesh. He says that, “if you want to be succeed in life and make a shineful life you never have to satisfied with your own work. Better, you have to give effort in your own creation which make delightful.”


In 2021, Sakib Rafsan published his album named by “HARD BET”. As a Digital Marketer, also an influencer he is active all social media like Facebook, youtube, Instagram and all other social media. A huge fan based have already created whom follow him and his everyday life. Sakib Rafsan has a stong will power that brings up him in this stage. His passion into cyber security and digital marketing made him a most familar face during from his student life. He is truly a multi talented boy utilized to grow up his brand name. At first he was working with cyber security problem solve on Facebook. At this moment, he is working on so many digital marketing agencies successfully to complete lots of project.


Recently he was got a place in artist verification from Spotify company.
Sakib Rafsan also work with so many production house. He also worked with great singers and their level. Sakib Rafsan also established his own news website name by
His digital marketing agency has probide PR article on high authority news website also promote brand, page, and influencer.
Sakib Rafsan started this organization in 2019. Till now, he is one of the great personalities in this field.

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