RJ Rogers, A Successful Entrepreneur, E-Commerce Seller & Influencer from USA

RJ Rogers is a popular entrepreneur, e-commerce seller & famous influencer from America who rose to fame after going viral on multiple blogs on Instagram sharing his story of how he was living in a homeless shelter at the age of 19 then going on to make $1 million with his various e-commerce businesses in under a year at just the age of 20. His real name is Rahman Rogers Jr, but he is better known as his stage name RJ Rogers.


This young entrepreneur was born on 9 July 2000 in Gary, Indiana United States and also raised in there. His parents had him when they were just 17yrs of age. RJ is the oldest of 6 siblings, he has 2 sisters and 1 brother on his fathers side and 3 brothers on his mothers side. He went to 4 high schools 3 in the state of Texas and 1 in his hometown and completed his schooling at a public school in Katy Texas.


RJ Rogers began his business by going over an Instagram notice appearing “How you can bring in cash from your PC anyplace on the planet” in September 2017. Primarily, he ran Facebook and Instagram advertising ads selling necklaces and chains from China.

Behind all of his success, he had to work hard. He worked on his computer all day long learning everything about Facebook ads, profit and margins, what people wanted to buy at the moment, creating good looking stores, etc.


On pandemic situation, RJ Rogers started selling indoor products that went on to generate over US$1million dollars. He posted his story and success all over social media which caught attention from blogs then the videos of him on there went on to go viral which helped him gain fame across social media.


Till now, he has amassed millions of views by showing off his lifestyle and sits currently at 60,000 followers on the platform (@igobyrj).
At present, RJ Rogers made his position as one of the successful entrepreneurs, e-commerce sellers & famous Influencer all over the world.

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