A Restaurant Made In The Style Of Whole Hilsa Has Been Top Trending On Social Media Named – Project Hilsa

Project Hilsa is the largest restaurant of Bangladesh. It has been trending on social media now a days. It was not known until late May. It became popular when someone posted a review on different food review groups on Facebook. Project Hilsa is an expensive high end restaurant, which was launched on May 27.


However, it is claimed to be a world-class restaurant by its founders. It is located at Mawa Ghat, Munshiganj, Bangladesh. This restaurant has been built in the shape of HILSA fish with an amazing architectural design. The most interesting thing about this restaurant is that people can eat fresh Hilsa/Ilish of Padma river. As beautiful as the restaurant is from the outside, the interior design will also catch travellers eye. The restaurant is really eye-catching as it is designed as a Hilsa fish. So, when people go there they will be enjoying Hilsa fish while sitting inside a big Hilsa fish. Here, people can buy hilsa as per kg, one’s favourite hilsa will be fried/cooked by experienced chefs of Project Hilsa.


Apart from Hilsa, other Bengali and Indian dishes are also available here. Even during this time, people from different parts of the country are going to the restaurant in groups.


However, the restaurant has received many times more response on social media than in reality. Pictures of hilsa-shaped restaurants are circulating in the timeline of many. Some people are claiming that the restaurant has been visited on Facebook. Uploading pictures and videos equally.


Many people are sharing the menu of the restaurant with the pictures and the copy of the bill (Mushk challan) and the authorities are taking one hand. Expressing extreme dissatisfaction with the price and serving of food, some people are discouraging others to go.
The food here is a bit more expensive than other regular restaurants. 15% VAT and 10% service charge will be added to the basic price of food.

Written by Parboti Shoshi

Parboti Shoshi is the content manager of the magazine "The Weekly Fact."

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