Munzereen Shahid, A True Example of Beauty With Brain Has Make Her Career With Her Immense Talent

Munzereen Shahid is an young Bangladeshi Talented woman who was born in October 19, 1996 in Chittagong, Bangladesh and also raised in there. She is an English teacher at 10 Minute School, Bangladesh’s largest online educational platform. Her teaching video lectures have already reached 23 million students across the country. Munzereen tries to create at least four content a week. She said she planned to take classes before making the video. Decide which day she will talk about. Her IELTS score is 8.5. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Human Resources Department at 10 Minute School. Munjerin completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in English from Dhaka University.


Munzereen is a girl from Chittagong. Her Masters ends in January this year. At the end of February, Munzereen applied to Oxford University in the United Kingdom, the oldest and most famous English language University in the world. And she was selected to study there. She said, ‘I am going to study Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition Masters. Here I will study under the Chevening Scholarship. If all goes well, I hope to read in October this year.’
Munzereen wants to return home after completing a year of study at Oxford.

10 Minutes School

Munzereen has been working at Robi Ten Minutes School, an online organization since 2015. In addition to his official work, she is now an English teacher at Ten Minutes School. Toward the start of the Covid disease, Munzereen got fretful in the wake of remaining at home consistently. Then, at that point came the possibility of accomplishing something else. She chose to begin making recordings. She said there was no uncommon planning then, at that point. She is such an talented and decent girl. She loves her learners so much. She said to them, “All of my achievements today are for you. Because none of this would have been possible without you! Sincere gratitude and endless thanks. Love always.”

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