Bodegas Paniza, A Trust Worthy Organisation, Always Been Willing To Provide Best Quality’s Products To Their Clients

Bodegas Paniza is named for the village where the winery is located. It was founded in 1953. The company is focused on international business strategy and committed to innovation have led to spectacular growth in different places on worldwide. It’s with new facilities since 2018, this winery takes its name from the town of Paniza, a small town near Cariñena where this house has been developing its wine activities for more than 60 years. The wine tradition dates back to the Phoenician and Roman times. The name Cariñena, as well as the name of the grape variety Cariñena or Carignan, take their name from a Roman quarry dating from 50 BC, located a stone’s throw from the village of Paniza.


The producers of the organization are ASHTON WINERY, BODEGA ARGENTO, BRONCO, CASA DE UCO, CASA SANTOS LIMA, CAVINO. They have always kept the same goal: to offer innovative products and excellent quality / price ratios.
The company is expanding their facilities day by day. They have quite a variety of wines and are self-produced.
The staff that works in the facilities is very friendly. The organization is well-known as the great dreamers with very ambitious goals with the fixed goal of being ground-breakers. They also have many years of experience in the sector and are always offering so much excellent services to their clients. The wine is quite dark, ripe and brooding, with tantalizing aromas of wet earth, graphite and blackberries making for a quite attractive nose that’s different to other wines from the region.

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