Veline Ong, A True Inspiration For Women Empowerment

Veline Ong is a Chinese-Spanish businesswomen, entrepreneur and the founder of Veline Group (an import expert company) who was born on April 12, 1980 in Shanghai, China and also brought up there by her family members. Her father was a business man and mother housewife. Beside being an entrepreneur, Veline is also a director. She is also the host of a radio program named Veline Ong. The program features interviews with entrepreneurs or artists mixed with live music.


Veline Ong started her business career from 2004. She became the first and only Chinese female businesswomen who worked as a founder of a group in Spain.


She has gained much name and fame for her strong presence in business considered a great sign of women empowerment in Europe. She has several degrees related to economics and international relations and closes million-dollar deals in one morning. She is the key to the Chinese market in China. She plans to edit his memoirs and her particular rules to succeed in life.

Global work

She manages an important network of influence between Europe, Asia and the United States, and closes deals of several million euros in one morning.
Her work won many heart all over the world.
She has now a huge fan-base in both Asia and America. She is genuinely a spiritual woman, she follows the teachings of Confucius. Her free time is spent painting, traveling for pleasure, strolling along the San Juan beach and compulsively shopping.
She is the true inspiration for women empowerment.

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