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Josh MacDonald, A Renowned Personality To The World Of Canadian Best Entrepreneurs And Authority

Joshua Daniel MacDonald, better known as Josh MacDonald is an young Canadian entrepreneur and author of his published books who was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and also brought up there by his family members and parents. This young man started his career from 2018 by founding the ecommerce apparel brand, Abella Eyewear as one of four co-founders. Before that, Josh also founded SerpClix, a marketing SAAS after completing his schooling. The company quickly reached 5 figures in monthly recurring revenue. In December of 2017, he sold the company to a private equity firm in California.


Josh is a famous author who is the writer of two books named, The Non-Technical Founder: How a 16-Year Old Built a Six Figure Software Company Without Writing Any Code, 25 Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Learn by Example. He wrote a feature film named The Corridor (IFC Films; D Films), which won the “Next Wave” Award for Best Screenplay at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. Josh is also famous for being the writer of the feature films Faith, Fraud & Minimum Wage (eOne Entertainment),is an adaptation of his stage play Halo.
He is also a team member at one of Toronto’s premier creative agencies named Func Media.


At present, Josh is enjoying a break from the entrepreneurial grind and he is now a consultant for numerous venture-backed companies.
He is a renowned personality to the world of Canadian best entrepreneurs and authority and has a huge fan followers.

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