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Yusof Mutahar Proved That A Great Doctor Can Be Creative And Similarly Have Experience Of Any Kind Of Generative Profession

Yusof Mutahar is a famous Australian young doctor who was born on 18th March 1990 in Perth Western Australia and also raised in there. His parents are Mohammad Mutahar and Mariam and his father also a doctor by occupation.

He is one of the best handsome doctors in Australia. He is also an actor, General Practitioner, athlete, author and entrepreneur.

He has appeared in several movies including one where he played the role of a doctor.


He has published three medical books titled “ECG simplified by Dr Yusof Mutahar”, “Secondary Causes of Hypertension in General Practice by Dr Yusof Mutahar” and “An Approach to Hypercalcaemia in General Practice.” He founded two medical companies called Dr Yusof Cosmetics and Dr Yusof Scrubs.

Medical album

In 2019, Dr Yusof Mutahar released a medical album named ” Keeping Youthful” which includes medical related topics.

Dr. Yusof Cosmetics

He has a cosmetics skincare range in his name – Dr. Yusof Cosmetics. The cosmetics range is internationally available. Besides, he has also created his own clothing brand, Dr. Yusof Scrubs, which sells health-related clothing items and custom-made apparel.


He possesses a black belt in Judo, having represented Australia in the sport in 2018.


He began modeling when he was 23 year old and since then, he has built an impressive portfolio with brands like Gucci, Champion, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. His modelling career helped him grab roles in industries, globally. In 2019, he got a chance to work in two foreign movies.


Yusof Mutahar completed his MBBS from a popular Medical University. He went to Royal Australian College of General Practitioners,
Australia and then joined University of Western Australia. Here he took MBBS and FRACGP degree.
He is really a genius. He has his footsteps on every path of creativity. He achieved his success by his talent.

Written by Parboti Shoshi

Parboti Shoshi is the content manager of the magazine "The Weekly Fact."

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