Mostafa Amir Modak, a successful influencer sharing his life story and and the journey

Mostafa Amir Modak is an American social media Influencer. His real name is Mostafa Amir and also stylized as Modak.
His activity on Instagram has earned him the recognition from Kodak Black and SniperGang, a shoutout from Francesca Farago on instagram and a bunch of love from Krysten Ritter, Hassan Johnson, and a few others. His pictures are shared on pages with 300k + followers such as @guccicommunity @goodlifeoutfit @designercommunity.


He has 40000 followers on his Instagram account. Basically Modak does comedy and his style attracts people. He is popular on social media for this. From 2018, his social media journey was started. From then,he started influencing mass people by entertaining them. Modak is now at a very young age. He is only 20 years old and was born in 6th July, 2000 in America. In 2021 July, he will be turn to 21 years. His hometown and birthplace is New Jersey, USA (United State of America). He was born into a family in America but his family (including him) were lived in Egypt for almost 12 years.


He was photographed with Kodak Black and a few other celebrities. Modak has associated with many celebrities and this is how he improved his skill of knowledge and style, comedy sense etc.
Modak has also a page on Facebook. He has shared his pictures on his pages of Facebook and Instagram. This pictures are shared with more than 300k+ followers.


Overall, Mostafa Amir who is also stylized as Modak is a popular social media influencer who has earned a huge amount of followers on social media at a very young age. He influenced mass people by entertaining them with comedy and styles. People follow him and love him for his great sense of humour and style of personality which attracts them so much.

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